Pangaea Series

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy & Drama

Number of Books: Quartet

Setup:  This book series is written out of chronological order.  Descension, the first book to be published, is the third chronologically.  Ascension is the fourth chronologically and will be the second book published.  The third book to be published will be Genesis, which is the first chronologically, and the second chronologically, Kings, will be published last (fourth).

Synopsis:  This series of books follows the lives of members of the Lunsfords, a royal line of the ancient and forgotten Kingdom of Pangaea.  A grudge held for two centuries wreaks havoc on the kingdom, continually disrupting the lives of the royal family and the citizens.  Through these books, the troubled history of the ascension of the Lunsford line to the throne is explored.  The generations of family must overcome the obstacles, choices, and challenges brought forth, incessantly teetering on the verge of war.  They must find a reason to keep fighting for the future and hope, despite the fact that they seem unable to learn from or escape from history, doomed to repeat the costs of the grudge in every generation.