New Earth/Systir Series

Genre: Fiction, Sci-Fi

Number of Books:  2 books – Original and its Sequel

Synopsis:  Systir is a planet that was inhabited after humans had to abandon earth due to a cataclysmic event.  It affectionately became known as New Earth, in memory of the foregone home of the human race.  Gathering people and finding a way to have many nations collaborate to help save the race was an enormous feat.  Now, a few hundred years after the foundation of the new territories and their governments, factions are beginning to form, causing a deep rift socially and economically among the territories.  Little known to many people, one faction, irritated by the current political situation and seeking to gain control, is taking a chance by chasing after a myth.  Only a few who are descendants of the top politicians and scientists who brought humans to Systir know the truth, and while one seeks to gain an advantage with it, another is attempting to rid of the myth once and for all.  This story follows a boy who is caught in the middle of the publicly undisclosed terror when he accidentally discovers a disk containing valuable information.