Genre: Fiction, Drama/Romance

Synopsis:  This is a single book that follows the life and happenings of two main characters, one boy and one girl.  When they are introduced by chance circumstances one summer, they forge a bond neither of them expected.  However, with Hardy going off to Tennessee with a scholarship for football and Chandra leaving for California’s Hollywood, the two are met with the changes and challenges of life.  Each pursuing a different path, they must endure their choices and all the consequences, positive or negative that result from their actions.  Sometimes these choices can affect both of them, and sometimes it is a personal struggle that must be learned alone.  They each learn, on their own time and in their own way, the importance of family and friends and what it means to persevere, to struggle, to have faith, and to love.  Through experiences of depression, achievement, insecurities, independence, heartbreak, and hope, they grow as all people do.  Will these growths tear them apart or bring them closer once more?