Here’s the Deal…

So, my book is set to be released in July!  Still on track (for now)!  The final two added chapters are complete, so all that’s left is the revamping of the table of contents and some basic grammar and spelling edits!  Woot woot!  This means, it’s time for my cover voting contest!  Get excited.  Tomorrow, one of my wonderful friends will be sending me her finished cover art, and I will let YOU ALL help me pick the best one starting Friday.

Then, I peace out for VACATION!  Happy Voting for the next week or two as I relax at the mountains, water, and parks!  I will be back and ready to finish this business in two weeks’ time.  Thank you all so much for your support and help.  You are all amazing.  I am so grateful to all of you who have come forward to give me encouragement and praise when I need it.  Love you all, and gratitude to everyone – even those of you I haven’t met!

BEFORE YOU READ THE SYNOPSIS OF MY BOOK…. Also, please consider supporting my cousin’s team’s American Cancer Society fundraising page!  We are running the Color Palooza 5k in Columbus on June 22nd, and I am really looking forward to running for the cause!  Even a penny helps!  If you’re willing, here’s the page:

Here’s the basic synopsis (which is the front, inside cover text):

“King Aaron sits upon the throne of the kingdom of ancient Pangaea.  He is the third king in the line of the Lunsford family, long beloved by the people.  However, remnants of his past and his father’s past, thought to have been culminated, are beginning to resurface.

Two brothers, Seymour and Kelton Fenton, have come forward to claim their right to the throne.  As they disturb and ravage the towns and lay siege to the forest surrounding the palace, King Aaron must deal with the considerations of war as well as bear the heartbreak done to his family and friends.

As the struggle for the kingdom and the pain of personal loss descend, Aaron’s eldest son, Adam, must rise to help his father face the grudges remaining from their family history.  During it all, Adam must learn to let go, to trust, to persevere, to keep faith, and to love in order to survive.  The trials of this war will mold him into the man he must become as his father’s son.”

*Disclaimer:  It may sound repetitive to other stories, but I try to go deeper into the characters and their stories.  However, if you read it, I never said it was good, but I hope you’ll at least have a good laugh – even if it’s at me – if nothing else 🙂