Hellooooo, My Friends! Welcome to my official WordPress.com blog!  Thank you for following me, and be sure to check out my Facebook author page. On here, I will give sneak peaks and inside… Continue reading


July 29, 2013!  The hard cover version with dust jacket is available on Lulu (with a 20% discount)! The paperback edition is now ready!  Published July 31, 2013.  40% discount on Lulu! Both… Continue reading

Should Authors Write Bad Book Reviews?

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
BOOM! Okay, yesterday we had a little bit of a debate about leaving book reviews. First of all, the post is to warn you of the…


Please, help me by voting for your favorite book cover!!  They are numbered 1-5, so select your favorite by following the surveymonkey link and voting!  Thank you, and all thanks to my wonderful… Continue reading

Here’s the Deal…

So, my book is set to be released in July!  Still on track (for now)!  The final two added chapters are complete, so all that’s left is the revamping of the table of… Continue reading

Graduation Complete, Onto the Next Chapter of Life!

I am officially DONE with my college education (at least at the bachelor’s level for now)!!  I just graduated this past weekend on Saturday, May 11!  Will Haygood was the commencement speaker, and… Continue reading

Dreams Can Come True!

Keep on believing! As Walt Disney said, even Cinderella had to make an effort and go after what she wanted; it didn’t come to her while she sat around waiting or moping.


My first book, part of the Pangaea Series, is on its way to being officially published!  It’s in the final stages of editing now.  It will, hopefully, be out no later than the… Continue reading

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